NOW CFO’S Phoenix Partner Kerstin Hadzik Is One of Phoenix’s Top 40 Under 40


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Phoenix, AZ, May 30, 2018—Kerstin Hadzik, NOW CFO’s Partner in the Phoenix market, was recently awarded a place in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, a list that features entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have achieved success before the age of forty.

This particular award is one of the Phoenix Business Journal’s longest lasting and most prestigious awards, with a continuation of eighteen years. This year’s nominee pool was made up of 420 businesspeople. The forty winners will be treated to an award dinner in August, complete with a thematic photo shoot and article for the journal.

The award is given out to nominees who have proven successful in business and their communities. The journal measures said success through financial results, career growth, community involvement and volunteer work, advocacy experience, public reputation, and influence on the region in public policy or quality of life.

Kerstin was nominated by ten different people for the award, including former and current NOW CFO clients she has helped. One client acquired another business with messy accounting records and financials. Kerstin was able to help the client with the transition to a better accounting system and turn around their financials to make the acquisition worthwhile.

Another client that nominated Kerstin was an apartment complex owner and operator. Kerstin worked with them for years to clean up their financials and help them sell their business at a such a profit that the client was able to retire.

In both cases, Kerstin helped her clients’ businesses become more profitable and successful.

For volunteer work, Kerstin worked with a teaching organization to help them recover from a CFO that had embezzled funds. She also sits on a board for a health organization.

On the personal side, Kerstin is a single, working mother of five children, which makes receiving the award even more valuable. When she first moved to Phoenix, Kerstin saw the awards lists in the Phoenix Business Journal and made it her goal to make it onto one of those lists.

She said, “I want to show my kids that it doesn’t matter if you’re dealt a really bad hand in life, you can still work hard and achieve your goals.”

Learn more about the award and award winners here.

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